Thing Day Trip to Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions

Dana & Steve Petrie, some of our BTG members set us up for a tour of the Tactical Solutions manufacturing facility here in Boise.  Tactical Solutions is an American company, manufacturing state of the art & innovative accessories for firearms. Chet Alvord, the VP of Tactical Solutions spent more than two hours giving us a guided tour and in-depth view of the high tech machining and quality control Tactical Solutions invests in each of their quality products.

tacSol                                       Things arriving at the Tactical Solutions facility.


TacSol35Chet Alvord VP showing us the rifle case that is sourced locally and of
super quality.

TacSol11Chet showing us how some of the CNC machines were set up.



TacSol24Machinist explaining to me how the barrels were sleeved.



TacSol29Chet explaining the difference between a silencer & a suppressor.



TacSol34Checking out their rifle stocks.


TacSol38Newly minted receivers.


 TacSol16Thanks to Chet Alvord as well as Dana & Steve Petrie for another Thing
destination where we learned something new.

Tactical Solutions

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