Canada Rallye 2012

Below are some photos from one of our all time classic rallyes, the 2012 Canadian Rallye!



Pics that didn’t make the first showing.


Heading into Waterton National Park


No Traffic!


Fuel Pump issue.


Some real nice roads.


Base Camp at Pincher Creek Canada.


Remington Carriage Museum at Cardston AB


Going into the mine at the Frank Slide.


Instructional Talk at the mine entrance.


Wheel cylinder replacement at the hotel in Pincher Creek.


Crossing back into the US.

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Rallye 2018

Photographs from the recent Rallye in 2018.

 Things lined up in New Meadows at the hardware store;
Craig’s battery needed to be replaced.


Photo stop on the trail.


At our base for the week. New Meadows.


Smoke from the forest fires starting to be obvious.


rallye2018-JFirst day of rallye at Cascade Lake. Ladies were doing their best to get these boards to co-operate.


Beautiful country!


Coffee stop at White Bird.


Thing guys at the base in New Meadows.


Lunch in the forest….before the forest fire near Pollack broke out.


Filter break at the mid-way point to Yellow Pine

Larry bringing up the rear.


Plenty of granite!


Thing Babes on the main forest service road into Yellow Pine.


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