74 Thing Restoration

Found this rust free 74 Thing in east Boise.  Great example for a complete
restro for my wife Mare.

Minimal surface rust plus complete with nothing missing.

Entire body sandblasted.

I stripped the entire body out except for the steering column.

The body ready for body work to commence.
Myself on the left and Jack Bruck on the right.

Exterior body prepped and masked off so the interior can be
shot with the Scarlet Red PPG.

Attention to detail.

Doors came out pretty good.

Engine bay got good coverage.

Interior done.

Pulled the steering column to get it powder coated.

Jack is my paint guy where I don’t want to shoot something real toxic.
He has the Pro-Booth for that nasty stuff.
Jack has breathed a lot of fumes over the years.

Hmmmmmmmmmm…Where do we start!

My modified air scoops.

Bringing Zelda home from Jacks’ house.

Work is just starting from here.  At this point I’m building the engine and ordering all of the new parts for the re-assembly.

Paint looks great…time to get started.

Andrew & Gary getting the engine ‘cool tin’ installed.

Zelda will appreciate her new thumper to shove her down the road. 1835CC.

Starting to put the new rubber on the body.

Time to rust-proof the pan with POR-15

Pan is done.

Front end was in need of new ball joints and the torsion arms needed cleaning.

Torsion arms and tie rods had seen better days.

New ball joints, tie rods, and shocks.

Shot bedliner material in the rear wheel wells and axle area.

New Monroe Air Shocks Installed.

Andrew & Gary building the new wiring harness for the rear end .

Gary loves this stuff…..and does a super job.

Heat shrinking the shrink wrap.

The new harness re-routed to where we like it to live…neatly!

Transaxle installed with new mounts.  Quit for the day at this point. Mare came out with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies & Corona.  Hmmmmmm

Putting the glued weatherstrip on the scoops…..formerly wader boxes.

It will mount where the old complete wader boxes were located.

Looks pretty good. Plus added air flow to the engine bay.

Busy Busy….today we hung the fenders, the front bumper,
and got a good jump on the wiring.

The new tinted windshield looks good.  The bobbed bumpers will actually save the fenders in light contact. the color really washes out with the camera flash.

Something tells me there are a few things in the interior that need attention.

Keep fingers, hair, and other assorted parts of the anatomy clear!!  No warranty expressed, nor implied!

Ready for GAS! Almost…

New rubber for the engine bay. ready for engine.

Engine is in and the carb, distributor and starter have been rebuilt.
Ceramic exhaust is partially in and needs to be tweaked to compensate
for the engine being wider because of the lower compression.

The breather system is in and hooked up. Next will be the new fuel
lines and the rear wiring harness.

.To be continued – Check back soon!

– Mike