Boise Thing Group


Back in 1991, Mary & I started the beginnings of the Boise Thing Group while running our outfitting business to get good contact with other Thing owners so we could exchange information and find parts. It started quite by accident, and by 1993 we (Mary & I) were hosting yearly rallies in the Pacific Northwest. Some of them were 9 days long while others were as short as 7 days.

A number of years ago a newspaper in Kimberly, British Columbia referred to us as the “Boise Thing Group” when we came through there. Yep, the group is largely made up of folks ‘near’ Idaho and Boise, so I guess the far-flung members didn’t mind the name either. The name has apparently stuck.

We have basically the same core group as back then, but have added some folks. We aren’t big on structure…no meetings, newsletters, dues, no chairperson, no secretary and minutes – in short, no hassles.

Here’s a list of the folks who are currently part of the Boise Thing Group:

  • Larry & Mitze Austin Rocklin, CA
  • Kevin & Virginia Allen
  • Don & Ginger Eddy Snohomish, WA
  • Andy & Cyndi Elliot,  Hidden Springs, Id
  • Al & Liz Farmery Seattle, WA
  • Bill & Susie Galvin Spring Creek, NV
  • Duke & Helen Gersema Boise, ID
  • Harold & Audrey Gray Modesto, CA
  • Larry & Pat Green Meridian, ID
  • Mike & Mary Humeston Boise, ID
  • Charles & Carolyn Hyatt Fort Collins, CO
  • Andrew & Karan Lockhart Boise, ID
  • Dale & Eva Mueller Klamath Falls, OR
  • Dudley & Judy Newton El Dorado, CA
  • Gary & Dawn Weiskircher, ID
  • Steve & Dana Petrie, Meridian , Idaho
  • Doug & Sherry Mann, Meridian, Idaho
  • Craig & Nancy Mc Dowell, Middleton, Idaho.
  • Steve Daugherty, Puyallup, Wa
  • Tom Daugherty,  Greenwood, In
  • Rick & Linda Goff. Little Rock, Arkansas

The best part of this is the way all of these folks have enriched our lives. We look forward to our rallyes and keep in contact through out the year.