I used the KYB Gas Adjust shocks for many years. These are the white ones that have about a two- inch diameter piston chamber. These proved to be too stiff for our Things in the off-road lava rock areas where we operated.

This was especially evident on the front ends. At low speed on washboard roads, they were too stiff to allow the front end to work. The ride was harsh and choppy. At higher speeds on county grade gravel roads, we had two of our shock perches actually bend when we would occasionally hit an unseen pothole. The rears seemed to be okay if we had some weight in the back.

I tried a set of Monroe-matic air shocks for the rears, but they didn’t clear the support housing on the rear suspension so they rubbed & made noise.

I have since gone to the smaller KYBs front & rears. The rears have really helped smooth out the ride and they are holding up just great. The shock for the rear is KYB-KG-5529. Since changing over to the KYBs, I have not had to change out any ball joints.

Sears also has shocks for the Thing. They are Gabriels and run about $22.00 per shock. Double check the part number on the computer screen because it is snug next to the shock application for the super beetle on the computer screen. Nothing like waiting for the shocks to arrive by mail and then have them turn out to be the wrong ones.

– Mike Humeston