Obviously, if you can retain the stock dual vacuum distributor, you are ahead. The problem has been when the diaphragm goes bad, the replacement is quite costly. Most people spring for the 009 distributor at this point.

Problem is the 009 creates a flat spot or hesitation upon acceleration when used with the stock Solex 34pict 3. Also, there are two main 009 distributors out there—one older one made in Germany and a newer one made in Brazil. The distributor advance curve is somewhat better on the older German ones, so that’s what works best on a basic stock Thing. You can tell the difference by looking on the bottom of the distributors. They have a small raised embossed area that will say Germany, or Brazil.

My choice is the Bosch 010 distributor. I love this one because the advance curve is great for the Thing and the acceleration is quite good with the car set up right. This is an older distributor, but can still be found if you look. The timing is set so you have no more than 32 degrees full advance. Just set that and let the static drop back from there. The Bosch 019 is acceptable also.

– Mike Humeston

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