The 25th Annual Thing Rallye

Destination was Bandon, Oregon.

This pic was at Coquille Lighthouse. Total mileage on this rallye was 1350 miles.

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Gangrene at the beach near Bandon.rallye1.jpg (1 of 1)

Cousin It arrived soon after Green.

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Craig & Nancy’s Thing called Henry arrived.

rallye05.jpg (1 of 1)Doug, Andy, Bill, & Larry with their Things arrived.


We stayed the entire week here at Bandon rentals. 4 houses with enough room for all 25 of our group. Super nice.  This was our third time at this facility.

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Getting non-ethanol fuel near Glide, Oregon.

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We met our local guides Gary & Dawn near Glide for a back way through Roseburg.


A beautiful day for a great ride.

One of a few Filter Stops.

Oregon Coast!


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